Our Impact

We are working for the empowerment and dignity of refugee and asylum-seeking women. We are working for a future where their voices are heard, where they can improve their self-esteem and self-confidence.

A Year of Reflection

2020-21 was a challenging and sad year but it also brought many opportunities to expand our work and reach out to more women. Due to the pandemic, Refugee Women of Bristol (RWoB) provided all its services via telephone and email. All our frontline staff are bilingual and can support most clients in their first language which attracted many new members who needed support.

Our work strategy has changed: to meet the needs of our members during the pandemic, we brought together all our services and shared resources, staff expertise and delivered a 5-day week service. We were able to secure some emergency funding to increase staff hours to enable them to plan, debrief and attend online training. This approach meant that our members’ needs are met, that they are connected and feel part of the community. Moving online, views and concerns are discussed and responded to swiftly. In this approach, we also maximize our reach, staff time and resources.

How we achieve our mission

Providing access to information on issues such as health, welfare, childcare, education, housing, training, and employment.

Organising social events/outings to give women a chance to build friendship networks

Enabling women to access support from bi-lingual community workers and ensuring written information is translated or interpreted verbally.

Outreach work to increase participation of women in the group from a wide range of cultural backgrounds.

Making links with local and national organisations, which will support the work and the development of the organisation.

Delivering leisure and social opportunities.

Developing the Board of Trustees through a programme of support and training so the organisation can be managed effectively.

Provision of free educational opportunities with the support of an on-site free crèche.

Informing service providers about the needs of refugee women through workshops, presentations and by raising RWOB’s profile at community events.

Enabling women to have a say in the development of services that may affect their lives.

Our Women’s Stories

Zumba and Yoga Activities

I am a black African lady. I came to England in 2010. I used to live in London. When I came to Bristol, I heard about RWoB and joined them in 2017. I used to volunteer in the kitchen at the drop-in centre and attended some English classes.

Bereavement and Food Hub

I am from Somalia. My daughter and I came here in 2002 as refugees. My husband joined me in 2007 for a family reunion. We had been married for 30 years and had 6 children together.


I am from Somalia, and I come here 5 years ago to join my husband as a family reunion. I have been married to my husband for 16 years and have no children. I enrolled in RWoB 2 years ago, I wanted to learn English.

Family Reunion

I am an asylum seeker and a single mum with 4 young children, and I joined RWoB in 2019 just before Christmas. Before I joined RWoB, I was struggling with daily communication due to my language barriers.

Our impact this year


Vulnerable people a week were contacted by Our Food Hub


Online workshops with a wide range of supportive topics were facilitated by our staff


Sessions of support were given by our Community Workers to 126 women


Vulnerable women were supported by our Befriend volunteers


Worth of funding was distributed to vulnerable families