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You can make one-off donations or set up monthly donations.

We pledge to use your donation responsibly and effectively and are accountable for all our finances through the publication of an annual report, including a financial statement. Your donation will provide essential core funding which helps Refugee Women of Bristol to fund invaluable resources for our work such as community support, staff and awareness-raising events. For more details about your donation, you can contact [email protected]

Fundraise for us

Raise money for us through Just Giving. 

Fundraising is a fantastic way to support our work and it also helps raise awareness of the issues of refugees and the struggles they may be facing. From local cake sales to challenging hikes, any funds raised are gratefully appreciated in the effort to support safeguard the right of women. A great way to raise funds is to set up a Just Giving page, it is easy to do, and it helps you to promote your fundraising activity and for people to pay online. You will need to set up a free account, find out more information here.

If you plan on doing some fundraising for Refugee Women of Bristol, please let us know! We would love to support you with anything you need. We can provide literature to hand out and we can help promote your event through our networks.

Need any ideas? Here are some innovative ways you can fundraise today!

  • Asking for donations instead of Christmas/wedding/etc. gifts?
  • Staying silent for 24 hours?
  • Walking a long distance
  • Joining local long-distance runs/walks
  • Dry January?

However it is you decide how to fundraise, we thank you!