We are the only multi-ethnic, multi-faith organisation that specifically targets the needs of refugee women in Bristol, we are directly governed by women of the refugee and asylum seeking community.

Refugee Women of Bristol provide services to disenfranchised groups over and above the generic category of ‘refugee’, and routinely reach cohorts of women that other service providers overlook or are unable to access.

What we value the most


To create an environment of role modelling and opportunities to grow.


Provide welcoming, supportive, and accessible spaces for all.


We use asset-based approaches where everyone contributes and learns new skills.


All our trustees and members have lived experience and are best placed to design and direct culturally appropriate services.


To promote a diversity of cultures, faiths, and views.


Confidential services ensuring everyone’s details are protected in line with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Can you give a welcome Gift?

Donate £10 and help support one of our asylum-seeking members access essential food


Vulnerable people a week were contacted by Our Food Hub


Online workshops with a wide range of supportive topics were facilitated by our staff


Sessions of support were given by our Community Workers to 126 women


Women in need were supported by our Befriend volunteers


Worth of funding was distributed to vulnerable families

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