Community Development Project

Refugee Women of Bristol has been working in partnership with FORWARD (Foundation for Women’s Health Research and Development) since 2009 with African communities who practice FGM in Bristol about abandoning this harmful tradition. We aim to mobilise communities to safeguard girls from FGM and better care for the health of women affected. Our effort of community engagement includes men and religious leaders. As well as running a community health advocate programme we

Empowering women to be leaders in their community

The project has provided leadership training to 48 women from FGM affected communities. The training has included communication and active listening skills, self-care, sexual and reproductive health, dealing with challenging people, public speaking, research and data collecting, interview skills, facilitation skills and monitoring and evaluation skills. The training has equipped the women to become Community Health Advocates (CHAs).

Community Outreach work

The community outreach and development work delivered by CHAs began in November 2010. The range of work includes:

Fortnightly open group discussions and information sessions at the RWoB drop-in centre

Following are our fourthly session at our drop-in centre;

  • 21st April 2015 – RWoB drop-in centre
  • 5th May 2015 – RWoB drop-in centre
  • 19th May 2015 – RWoB drop-in centre
  • 9th June 2015 – RWoB drop-in centre
  • 23rd June 2015 – RWoB drop-in centre
  • 7th July 2015 – RWoB drop-in centre