Refugee Women of Bristol in partnership with FORWARD and a consortium of 5 regional charities – is delighted to have received support from the Department for Education to deliver free services within your area.

Female genital mutilation (FGM) is a form of child abuse which can cause life-long physical and mental/emotional health complications. Schools play a critical role in responding to the issue of FGM in the UK. The multi-award-winning National Schools Programme has worked with over 25,000 young people, 4,000 staff members and 9 local authorities nationally on the issue of FGM, representing hundreds of schools.

The National Schools Programme offers a comprehensive and wide range of services for schools to support them in achieving an effective response to these issues. All of our school’s services are delivered in a sensitive and age appropriate way by experienced Bristol based facilitators. Our services are flexible and tailored to meet the needs of each school and target audience.

We can currently offer you:

• Advice and Guidance for schools on how to respond and engage on FGM
• Staff Training on FGM
• Student Awareness Sessions on FGM
• Outreach or Drop-in Sessions around FGM
• Parents sessions on FGM

For more information or to book sessions please contact: Layla Ismail at-