This year as part of our Domestic Violence Project a series of focus groups and workshops and well as training sessions about Domestic violence were delivered for members, volunteers and staff with Safer Bristol. Other workshops delivered included:“Breast Awareness and Cervical Screening”,“Victim upport, stress Management”,“Volunteering, The Bridge and Rape and Sexual abuse support–SARSAS”,“This is very difficult and personal issue and I am glad I am here to know that help is available to me”.(Participant DV workshop) Well Being Day:We held a Well-being day for our members and we had 5 stalls including; Public Health, the Inner City Health Improvement Team, Red Cross, Rethink, Walled Garden and Health Visitors information.

African Women’ s Health Group:

This work is supported by FORWARD, the leading FGM charity in the UK. We have also worked with Bristol Women ’s Voice, Safer Bristol and Voscur to enable women to have their say on new health services in Bristol.“I felt that I am a part of Bristol women ”(Women attending African Women ’s Health group event with Bristol Women’s Voice).

Training opportunities:

Refugee Women of Bristol recognises the importance of supporting refugee women to increase their skills to increase their life chances. We were able to assist 46 women this year to do so in fields such as food hygiene, supporting your children’s education, community evaluation training, leadership training with FORWARD, and through SPAN courses.

Development Day:

We had a day where all the staff, trustees and volunteers got together and looked back on what we had achieved and the challenges that we faced in the past year. It was also an opportunity to get to know each other better, share experiences and knowledge. We discussed a way forward and how we can deliver a better service for our members. “Thank you for the opportunity to reflect on our challenges and achievements.” (Participant at DD) “Helpful way to build for future developments and see what is necessary to ensure survival if the future is difficult.”-volunteer (Attendee at DD)